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Alabama Vegetation Management Society family lost a true friend and one of the Founders of our Association last night (Dec 02).

Randall Estes passed away from complications of COVID-19. Randall was a unique individual that worked hard at the task at hand and supported Alabama Vegetation Management Society 100%.

For those who did know Randy personally, he was the gentleman that would be on the second-row aisle seat at our Annual Conference. We always made jokes about Randy and Fred Whitford, one of our popular speakers, being twins.

Please remember this family in your prayers.

Your seat will be empty, but your spirit will be with us.

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Welcome to AVMS!

AVMS is a statewide educational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing expert advice and solutions for integrated roadside vegetation management, safe and effective herbicide use, protection of our waterways and environment, and other related issues.

We accomplish this by networking national, state, county, city, university, and private industry professional personnel, all pooling their knowledge and sharing their successes which aid us in providing helpful information to anyone with the responsibility of vegetation management in Alabama.

AVMS was established to bring together those persons interested in roadside vegetation management through employment, research, education, regulation, contracting, manufacturing, or merchandising.

It's our desire that the slogan: "Alabama the Beautiful" remain a reality.

"Beautiful Roadsides - The Key to a Beautiful America"

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